4 creative ideas to keep your living room clutter-free

4 creative ideas to keep your living room clutter-free

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If you are looking to sell your house, you know that keeping it clean and organized is imperative you you never know when there will be a showing.

The living room is often a place full of activities. It’s where you and your family members gather every night to watch TV and have fun. You read your mails here and consume news stories from newspapers and magazines every morning. It’s also the favorite part of the house for kids as it’s where they play, like to do their homework and sometimes have food.

In a nutshell, your living room is the place for sharing happiness and pleasure with others, but as a result of all the activities and footfall, it also ends up being one of the most cluttered parts of your home. Decluttering living rooms usually seems like a never-ending chore. Here are a few tips that are guaranteed to make this a lot easier and organized:

Begin with being disciplined

People tend to throw things around in their living rooms. They will drop their keys on the couch or hang towels on chairs. Make your living room a no drop-off zone and implement this rule very strictly. Make sure that kids in particular follow this.

Before clearing clutter, try to find out why it is accumulating in the first place. Do you have a place earmarked for keys? If not, install a wall key holder at an appropriate place in the house and make sure that you and others use it to hang keys.

Don’t let paper clutter accumulate

It’s absolutely fine to read newspapers, magazines and mail in the living room, but allowing them to accumulate is the recipe for disaster. Old newspaper or magazine issues should be removed on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you are allowed to accumulate them haphazardly in other parts of your home. You can donate old magazine issues to charity groups, schools or educational institutes in your neighborhood.

Use furniture to stay organized

The furniture in your living room is already consuming a lot of space. Why not use it to reduce clutter? You can buy a two-level coffee table and use the lower level to keep newspapers and magazines. A sliding media center can have cabinets and drawers to store things that are essential to have in a living room, but add to the clutter when they are left lying around.

You can also buy specially configured furniture to keep electronics such as remote, Laptop, phones and mobile chargers. You will not only reduce clutter by designating specific spots for keeping them, but also find it easier to locate them immediately whenever you need to.

Rearrange furniture and keep it clean

A coffee table is synonymous with a living room. Making sure it’s always clutter free is a challenge that you absolutely need to surmount. It is important that it has only a handful of the most essential things. They may include a couple of hardcover coffee table books, a flower box or something that adds color.

Artwork and vases makes a living room look beautiful but if you are not organized in how they are being displayed, they will become part of the clutter. Open shelves is the answer to this problem. You can display artwork and other decorative items on open shelves.

You can also buy a rolling box or a set of baskets for kids to keep their toys. Ask the kids to roll the box under the couch and move it to their rooms after the playtime.

Hopefully these tips helped a bit in keeping your home organized. If organization is not your thing, and you are looking to sell your house, reach out to cash buyers and investors so you do not need to deal with the hassle!

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