4 Easy Ways to Boost your home’s curb appeal

4 Easy Ways to Boost your home’s curb appeal

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Spring cleaning may have come and gone, but often times homeowners spend so much time on the inside of the house, that there is no time or budget remaining for the outside. But neglecting the outside of your home can leave it looking in distress. It does not take much to improve the look of the outside and they are things that you can do yourself without spending lots of money.

4 Easy tips to make your Westchester NY home look great and give your street and neighborhood a boost!

  1. Update your Landscaping.

This can refer to either your garden or your grass. When you are planning on updating your landscaping, start when the temperatures are relatively cool. First remove all the weeds in your garden, cut back bushes and trim them them nicely. This will make a big difference. One you are done with the weeding, add some fresh mulch to make your gard

en defined, clean looking and fresh. Adding mulch is a great tip when you do not have a large budget but want your garden to look nice. And finally, add some pops of color with added flowers. You can also do this with freestanding flowerpots for your front door, window boxes or hanging flowers on your front porch.

If your garden looks nice and the culprit is a dry front lawn, than spend your energy in bringing it back to life. You can easily treat the current weeds that are there, lay down some grass seed and do not forget to water! Water is the secret to life and without water you will not succeed in having a beautiful front yard!!

  1. Paint your Front

If your siding is starting to chip, whether that is your front porch or side of the house, it can lead to bigger problems if left untouched. The wood could start to rot, grow mold, or much worse. You can easily avoid this by keeping your paint fresh and it will make your house appear so much nicer in the meantime! If this is something you will do yourself, make sure you sand down the existing paint before you add your fresh coat because if you are going to take the time, you will want to do it right the first time.

Tip: If your house if in good shape but appears a bit tired, put a new fresh coat of paint around the trim, add shutters to the front or your house, or it may just need a good pressure wash!

  1. Repair your roof and gutters

If paint alone will not make your house look new again because of missing shingles, siding or gutters that have fallen off, than you may want to make a bigger investment. More importantly, if you see that your roof has started to peel away and you can see holes or patches than it can cause serious issues along the road. A roof or gutters that do not move water away from your house can cause serious water damage or foundation issues inside your house.

So if has been a while since you inspected your roof, take some time to look outside your third floor windows onto your roof or have an inspector come out to look not just at your roof surface, but also around the vents, skylights and anywhere else water can accumulate. It is much cheaper to have your roof fixed than to deal with the issue of interior water damage. And plus, a new roof will not only add to the curb appeal to your house, but it will increase the value as well!

  1. Add a Fence

Do you currently have a chain link fence, or a neighbor’s lawn that you do not want to see? Think about adding or replacing the fence to change the look and usability of your yard. Adding a fence to your yard will not only add to the appeal of your house, it will give you more privacy. However, if you have an existing fence that has seen better days or could be updated to a more modern and softer look, than replacing it with a new, fresh white fence will completely change how your house looks. This is not a time consuming job and be something you can accomplish in a weekend!

All in all, putting a little bit of effort into the outside of your house will go a long way. It will increase the appearance of your house, increase the appeal, and your neighbors will definitely appreciate your efforts!

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