Declutter your home without getting rid of any stuff

Declutter your home without getting rid of any stuff

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Going by the dictionary definition, the word – clutter – stands for “filling something in an untidy or badly organized way”. What it basically means is that clutter is a form of absolute disorder. However, most people believe clutter to be everything that one should throw in a trash can.

This misunderstanding about clutter is what prevents them from actually decluttering their homes. They are afraid of the possibility that they would have to get rid of their beloved worldly possessions. This is not true. You can keep everything and at the same time declutter your home.

Tips to declutter your home

Organize things in the right way

Being organized is the key to decluttering your home. Here is the step-by-step process to achieve this organization:

  • Identify which stuff goes where. In other words, assign a pace to each and every single thing in your home. Start with the bathroom or kitchen. Let’s say for example, if you have medicines scattered everywhere in the bathroom, collect them and assign a specific cabinet. Never ever put the medicines anywhere else.
  • Make the placement visually appealing. You can sort the same type of things by size and color and put them accordingly at their assigned place. A good example is magazines or books. Once you have assigned a place for them, you can arrange them according to their size and color.

Factor in distance and time

The organization should not only make your home visually appealing, but also improve convenience and save time when you are looking for things. For example, hanging umbrellas in the bedroom doesn’t make sense when the appropriate place for them is somewhere near the entryway. The same principal applies to all the stuff in your home. You should assign the place to things based on where you use them, not because they will improve the visual appeal of the place.

Go vertical

Everything in your home doesn’t have to be accommodated on the floor. There are lots of tools and products in the market which will help you utilize vertical space for storing things.

Nicely designed hooks, clip hangers, bookshelves, shoe organizers, overdoor hooks (on the back of doors) etc. will not only free up some space from the floor, but also improve aesthetic appeal and make the décor look more vibrant and lively.

Look for hidden spaces

The amount of space that furniture takes ups in a home is straggling. It makes sense to use this space to stay organized. Make a list of things that you don’t need very often and hide them under beds, couches and tables. You can buy ‘store-and-slide’ boxes to make it easier for you to pull things out from under the furniture when you need them.

Keep cords and cables in order

One thing that will always keep your home look cluttered – no matter how organized you are with your stuff – is the electricity cords and wires on the floor. In this age of technology, we use gadgets almost every waking hour. Chargers, headphones, remotes, cables and power cords are usually the bane of even the tidiest living spaces. You can easily find a lot of products that will help you keep them in order and away from sight.

This is your home, so we all know we accumulate stuff. Lots of stuff! But we hope these tips will help you to declutter your home without losing any of your treasured things.


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