Extra tips to stage your house in the fall

Extra tips to stage your house in the fall

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The spring market may be a popular time to put your house on the market, but do not overlook some of the advantages of listing your house in the fall. As real estate investors, we have houses come on the market during every season and we have found there are some advantages of listing your house in the fall months.

Advantages of listing your house in the fall:

  1. There is less competition: There is less inventory for buyers to choose from so if you have a newly renovated home, it will stand out even more against the others.
  2. More motivated buyers. The buyers who are house hunting in the fall tend to be more serious and not just perusing on a warm summer day. They tend to not care about being in a particular school district, which could work in your favor, and are more focused on what they want.

So with these advantages, lets see how you can stage your house to be inviting and cozy when people tour the house. Remember, you are not selling a buyer a house; you are selling them a home!

Home Staging Tips for the Fall

  1. Use lights: Days are getting shorter and it is getting dark earlier so the best thing you can do to make a house cozy is to turn on all of the table and side lamps. Overhead lights are a necessity in houses, but to make the house feel more inviting, make sure to have on sidelights. They will not only make rooms look larger, but also cozier.
  2. Fall Accessories: Liven up the dining room table or living room coffee table with some fall flowers or dried berries. These little touches will add some dimension and a little bit of pop to your current staging.
  3. Use inviting smells. There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home than the smells of fall. Whether that be the smell of cinnamon or vanilla or warm apple pie, give the home some scents that everyone will enjoy. This can potentially be tricky since you do not want to turn people off with too pungent smells. However, the smells of fall tend to evoke emotion in people and generate positive memories.
  4. Light a fire: Does the house have a working fireplace? If so, nothing is more inviting than a fire blazing in a fireplace. And if that is not something you are open to, you can place lighted candles in the fireplace or on the dining room table to create a similar atmosphere.
  5. Curb Appeal: Pumpkins, Indian corn, fall wreaths, colored leaves are just a few examples of decorations that you can use to give the outside of the property a better appeal for the fall. If this is too seasonal, and you want to go for a different look, add some color and seasonality with certain plants like Mums, beauty berry or sumacs to name a few. These plats will add a pop of color and vibrancy to the garden and front stoop.

As with anything, remember that a little can go a long way and you do not need to overdo the décor. The goal is to bring seasonality and warmth to the house you are selling and not to make it look like a themed house. Keep it simple, tasteful and buyers will appreciate the effort!

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