How to find a cash buyer in Westchester

How to find a cash buyer in Westchester

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Whether you are a newbie real estate investor or someone who wants to sell a property quickly, you will definitely want to know how to find a cash buyer in Westchester. If you are an investor, you will in fact want to keep a list of potential cash buyers on hand because they can help you scale up your business faster than you can imagine. You can buy homes at a discounted price, put them under contract and sell them to cash buyers for a quick profit. Many real estate investors just want to learn the ropes in the beginning of their investment journey and try to avoid getting their hands dirty in risky endeavors such as fix-and-flip projects.

To find a cash buyer in Westchester, you need to take a few steps. The good news is that it’s not actually very difficult to prepare a list of cash buyers in Westchester or anywhere else for that matter.

Find them where they are looking for you

Cash buyers are always eager to find good deals that they can close quickly and without hassles. They are actually looking for you right now if you are ready to offer them a good deal. You should scan the classified ads sections in your local newspaper and make a list of people who offer to buy homes for cash.

Another easy source for finding cash buyers is Craigslist. Browse through the listings of landlords and note down contact details. You can get in touch with these people and advertise your property to them. Not all of them will be cash buyers, a majority of landlords are real estate investors.

Investors’ groups

To find a cash buyer in Westchester, you should attend events and meetings organized by real estate investing clubs or landlord associations and network with investors. A lot of real estate investors do business through referrals. Even if an investor won’t buy your home, he or she can refer you to the one who will.

Google search and social media

Most real estate investors have their own website and social media profiles where they advertise their offer to buy homes for cash in Westchester. A basic Google search with keywords such as ‘we buy homes for cash in Westchester’ will be suffice to help you make a list of cash buyers. Needless to say you need to verify the credentials of the investors promoting themselves online before doing business with them.

Network with professionals

Real estate agents, appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers and real estate lawyers can refer you to cash buyers. The nature of their work often put them in contact with real estate investors on a regular basis.

County records, title agencies and auctions

Real estate investors attend foreclosure auctions. You will find plenty of cash buyers there. You can also go through county records or contact title agencies to find buyers who didn’t take out mortgages to finance their home deals. Most of these will be real estate investors.


As a rea estate investor, your timeline is going to make or break your business. You should have a list of cash buyers ready even before you buy an investment property. It will help you find a cash buyer in Westchester quickly and avoid paying for carrying costs such as maintenance, utility bills and insurance.



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