Five inexpensive upgrades that will perk up your home

Five inexpensive upgrades that will perk up your home

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When it comes to repairs and upgrades, there is no limit to how much you can spend. Most upgrades are expensive and usually a shot in the dark because it is quite difficult to determine whether they will add any value. Just upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms can cost you thousands of dollars.

Deciding which upgrades you should go for becomes even more challenging when you are on a shoestring budget. The challenge is to invest your money in only those upgrades which will make your home look more beautiful and at the same time, won’t cost you a fortune. The good news is that you can perk up your home without breaking the bank. Here are a few inexpensive, evergreen upgrades that you can spend your money on without thinking twice:

Curb appeal

When we talk about upgrades, all we think about is the interiors. The reality, however, is that the exterior features of a home are as important as the interior ones. You can increase the curb appeal with a few simple tweaks:

  • Repaint your old mailbox or upgrade it.
  • Are you satisfied with the appearance of your old or faded house number? You can add a customized plaque for just a few dollars. Make sure that the color scheme for the plaque is in harmony with that of the exterior walls and lighting fixtures.
  • Flower boxes are a great way to add color to the exteriors.
  • Repaint the front door and shutters.
  • Plant trees on both sides of the entryway.

Inexpensive upgrades: Kitchen

You can freshen up kitchen just by repainting the cabinets. Install new hardware including faucets and cabinet handles and pulls. You can also add decorative accessories. Buy inexpensive appliances that add color. You can also consider replacing your old countertop with a new laminate surface countertop.

Inexpensive upgrades: Bathroom

Replacing tiles, countertops and tub are very expensive as you will have to buy material as well as pay for labor costs. The inexpensive, yet effective way is to have them refinished by professionals. If you need to absolutely replace a few items such as sink and shower fixtures, you can buy used ones from online marketplace such as eBay or Craigslist. Clean the grout and add new caulk around the tub and sink. Replace old sink facets, racks, drawer pulls and light fixtures.

Inexpensive upgrades: Bedroom and Living Room

Add artwork and rearrange the existing frames. Hide cords and disguise your router. Add new light fixtures and replace the old ones. Buy wall mounted furniture like book shelves. They will not only save space, but also make your bedrooms and the living room look more beautiful. Use patterned wallpapers to perk up doors and furniture. Following are a few items that can entirely change your bedroom’s appearance:

  • Wall mounted headboard,
  • a properly-sized area rug,
  • new curtains for windows,
  • houseplants,
  • a canopy,
  • a new accent color

In conclusion

If you are planning to make upgrades because you are selling your home, then you need to be even more careful. Steer clear of expensive upgrades. They will end up overly customizing your home. They are usually a waste of money because you won’t be able to recoup the cost and in some cases, they will turn buyers off. An upgrade makes sense financially only when it increases your home’s value.



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