Selling your home over the holidays

Selling your home over the holidays

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Have you heard the spring is the best time to put your house on the market? Have realtors told you that your house will sit and not be sold if you list it over the holidays? 

Sometimes you do not have the luxury to choose when your house is listed. If either of the above comments sound familiar to you, allow us to give you some great tips on how to sell your house over the holiday season. 

The holidays in fact can be a great time to sell. There is less competition, but more serious buyers, so the people who view your house are more qualified.  People are ready to purchase and know what they want, so it is likely, you can use this to your advantage.

Tips on how to sell your house over the holiday season:

Present an Inviting Atmosphere

What do you like about the holidays? The nostalgia, the warmth of a fireplace and holiday aromas? What you like about the holidays is also what a buyer is looking for. Give your home warmth and an inviting feel when you present your home. Display some holiday snacks, light a fire, turn on the lights and create an inviting atmosphere. We have said many times, people buy a home and not a house, so make yours a place where people can easily envision themselves living in. You can always find more staging tips on how to sell your house quickly.


Don’t Over Decorate

Although it is important to create a mood and an atmosphere, it is also important not to over do it. The holidays are a time where there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky and it is important not to cross that line. Use your decorations sparingly and so they are displayed but do not make your space appear cluttered. With that said, be mindful of decorations that are personalized. You want to make your home be festive but also you want to attract a wide audience. If you have too many personal items, buyers will feel they are intruding on your personal space.


The inside of the home is what is important in making one feel “at home” but do not forget about the exterior! The same holds true. Be tasteful without being tacky. So string some white lights in the front of your home to dress everything up. Things you may want to forego this year: that giant inflatable frosty the snowman or sparkle lights that illuminate your whole house. These may be things that you love or your kids enjoy but anything that can turn off a buyer you may not want to do this year. Also do not forget that this time of the year it gets dark sooner, so lights are important – in moderation!

Hire a Designer

You hire a professional to sell your house, so why not hire a professional to stage your house. Staging can refer to furniture placement, but you can also hire a professional to decorate your home for the holidays. With this, you know that you will get an outside option and the look and feel of the decorations will be more neutral as opposed to personal.



Market your home

Decorating and staging your home may be important, but marketing your home is the most important piece. If you do not have potential buyers than it does not matter how appealing your house looks over the season. Your first action item is to think about who your potential buyer is. Possibly families who are re locating, Investors who need to buy before the end of the year, renters whose lease ends at the end of the year, etc,  Make you you target these specific markets and homebuyers. If you need help or advice, seek out a professional, otherwise, be creative!

It is the holidays and it can be stressful enough. So stay positive, enjoy the season and be creative in selling your home and finding a buyer!

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