“Sizzle features” to consider when renovating a house

“Sizzle features” to consider when renovating a house

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Whether you want to upgrade your old home or are planning to put it on the market, it makes sense to add some – what experienced rehabbers call – ‘sizzle features’. These features add convenience and at the same time, make the home more desirable and visually appealing, increasing its value. Studies show that homes with certain sizzle features get sold faster and for a higher price.

These sizzle features should be carefully selected, particularly if you are rehabbing the property in a fix-and-flip project. Your choice of sizzle features will largely depend on which parts of the house you want to focus on. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and curb appeal should always be on your priority list.

Your objective should be to add only those features which have the potential of increasing the property’s value. It is important because the majority of sizzle features are expensive.

So here is a list of sizzle features that you should consider adding to your home, particularly in a rehab project:


When it comes to renovations, no other part in your home can possibly add more value than kitchen. Kitchen is the first place most buyers inspect before deciding to purchase a home. Needless to say you should add a few sizzle features to your kitchen to make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

  • Countertops. Quartz is the trend these days but spend a bit more of the type and color to get a better pop in your kitchen.
  • A wine refridgerator. This goes above the standard appliance set in a kitchen and something that would be attractive to buyers.
  • A pot filler faucet. If a chef kitchen is your attempt, don’t forget a pot filler faucet that adds an extra element.


  • Shower heads are now a thing of the past. The latest trend is overhead rain showers. They not only make a bathroom look stunning, but also add a lot of convenience.
  • You can make the tiles in your bathroom look attractive by adding some decorative accents to them.
  • A seperate hot tub or spas if you can stretch your budget a bit and the bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate it.


  • Natural light is the most desirable feature in a bedroom. There are a lot of different ways to allow the natural light to enter. A skylight can be a great sizzle feature to add to your bedroom, particularly if it is so deep into the house that the natural lights gets blocked.
  • Another great sizzle feature is a closet safe that not only provides space to keep valuables.

Some other sizzle features

  • A fireplace in the living room.
  • A fire pit in the front loan or on the backyard.

In conclusion

If you are a real estate investor, you can add these sizzle features to make the house more desirable. As a real estate investor, we know what the buyer is looking for, but when renovating homes, putting in an extra “sizzle” can help you get the best price for your investment.


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