Staging tips to sell your house fast in Westchester NY

Staging tips to sell your house fast in Westchester NY

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As an investor, we know the importance that staging has when you are trying to sell your house fast in Westchester NY. There are some great tips to take into consideration and things to think about while trying to properly stage your home. The goal is to sell your house fast in Westchester NY and staging can help buyers envision themselves living in that home. It may cost some money upfront, but sometimes it is worth the initial investment if you are truly looking to sell your house fast in Westchester NY. With just a small investment and some effort, you can transform your home. Below are a few tips that you can follow.

4 Tips to take into consideration to sell your house fast in Westchester NY:


Nothing is more unappealing that walking through a home as a buyer and feel like you are snooping into someone else’s home. As a buyer you want to be able to visualize this property as your own home and not have other peoples things or mess get in the way of this visualization. Take some time to clean, organize and put away some of your belongings that are too personal.

In order to sell your house fast in Westchester NY, you want to have a home that is appealing to people when they walk in and that means displaying items that improve the look of your home (candles, centerpieces, flowers) and putting away your mess (laundry, office papers, clutter). Showcase your home in the best possible way and allow people to see your home’s beauty without making them visualize through the mess. Many people will not take the effort, so help them in any way you can.


Do you have a room with an awkward layout, a room that is very small or a corner that has no purpose? Make sure you are staging the rooms that people most care about and this is kitchen, bathrooms, living area and master bedroom. But do not overlook those rooms that people cannot vision. If you have an extra small bedroom, stage it as a baby room or an office. It is hard to for people to envision that small rooms can be used for anything but when there is furniture and a clear purpose than people see past the size of the room and that all the spaces in the house will be able to be used.

If your house has been lived in for a while and you currently use a bedroom just for storage, clean that up and make it a room with a purpose. Put away the mess and transform it into a useable space.

Ideas for extra rooms can be an office, extra bedroom, game room, library, extra sitting area, kids playroom, etc. Be creative but do not leave it as a mess otherwise people will discount the area and think the house is less livable than it actually is. Remember, your goal is to sell your house fast in Westchester NY!


Your house does not have to be perfect in order to sell it to a new buyer but if there are quick fixes you can do to make it look better, pull out your screwdriver and spend a day fixing. Is there a pestering leak somewhere in your house or a cracked mirror in the bathroom or a shelf that you have been meaning to hang for months? You might have small fixes you can make by yourself for a reasonable cost that will make your home seem more polished.

Maybe touch up small marks on the walls or power wash the siding to bring out a better appearance. Remember, you want to showcase your home in the best possible light. Staging a house does not always mean bringing in furniture, but it goes beyond that. Staging a home are small things that you can do to present it in the best possible way for potential homebuyers.

Now is a time to clean, to fix and to organize! Don’t let buyers fixate on negatives in your house so fix what you can and enhance the positive!


When buyers are house hunting, they are typically looking at numerous houses one after the other. When they step foot into your home, make them feel like they are experiencing something different. Create an atmosphere where they enter your home and they have an experience right when they walk in. People buy with emotion and so this experience matters. What do we mean by creating an experience? Play some soft music, turn on the side lamps, serve refreshments, have a nice smell coming from the kitchen, or anything else you would enjoy when you walked into someone else’s home.

Paying attention to the small things will make your home stand out against the others that buyers have walked into and will hopefully allow you to sell your house fast in Westchester NY.

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