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You’re Awesome!  Thanks so much for your interest in our company!  


We make the sales process as easy as possible for property owners, investors, and our vendors. We buy properties as-is, around the seller’s timeline and with no additional fees.


Our company includes real estate experts who strive to provide the most professional service to all the people involved in a real estate property transaction. We are committed to customer service and we work with some of the best and most reliable professionals in the industry. Our primary mission is to make the sale process easy for property owners, investors, our vendors and buyers. We strive to have a strong and dependable team that people want to work with.


  • COMMITMENT: Put property owners first. Be accountable to find a solution for them and always maintain our word.
  • INTEGRITY: Operate with the highest standard of integrity within our company and with everyone we interact with.
  • TEAMWORK: Build strong relationship with the people we work with. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.
  • RESPECT / HUMILITY: Act in respect for others, from our clients to our vendors.
  • GROWTH: Never stop learning and strive to be better, both personally and professionally.

Call Us Now at 914.999.2293

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