Wondering : How to sell my house NY ?

Wondering : How to sell my house NY ?

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If you are trying to find the answer to the question – ‘how to sell my house NY’, you should know that this process consists of multiple steps. The challenging part is that you have to take these steps in a very coordinated manner. Each step has to be completed in a specific timeframe. A perfect analogy to this process is a ‘house of cards’. One step fails to hold and this ‘house of cards’ comes tumbling down.

So if you are wondering, ‘how to sell my house NY’, be prepared for some last-minute surprises. Before we talk about the best option to avoid these unpleasant surprises, let’s first discuss a few possibilities how things can go wrong in a typical home transaction:

  • You have hired a wrong real estate agent: Well in that case, everything will go wrong. Your listing agent may come up with a wrong asking price. He or she may not able to handle negotiations properly and as a result, you will end up leaving a lot of money on the table. He or she may give you some bad marketing advice. Your home won’t create any buzz and will likely stay on the market for months. And when it’ll finally get sold, you’ll have to pay 6% of the sales price to your agent for nothing.
  • Home inspection: You may have lived in the house your entire life, but you may still not be aware of certain defects. What if a professional home inspection ordered by the buyer comes up with undisclosed problems with the property? If the buyer has written a home inspection contingency into the contract (which most buyers don’t like to skip), the defects would give them a valid reason to back out at the last minute. It means that you have to start the process from the ground up.
  • Buyer’s financing doesn’t come through: If the buyer’s offer is contingent upon successful financing, what will happen if the lender refuses to approve the mortgage at the last moment? Believe it or not, it is possible even if the buyer is pre-approved. He or she may have changed job after making the offer. Or worse still, he or she may have taken out a new loan. In that case, the buyer’s credit score will drop and the lender will either reduce the mortgage amount or refuse to approve the loan application.

These are just some of things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction. But is there a way to eliminate all the uncertainties and confusions that usually surround the home selling process? The answer is – yes, there is.

The uncertainties and confusions are caused mainly by two things:

  • The property’s condition
  • Financing

If a buyer is offering to buy the property ‘as-is’ and for cash, nothing can probably go wrong. There won’t be any home inspection, financing and appraisal contingencies in the purchase contract.

That’s where E2F Properties can help you. We will buy your home as-is and for cash. We close within a few weeks. In a typical transaction, a home stays on the market for at least 100 days, but we will close the deal within 2 weeks!

So the right answer to your question, ‘how to sell my house NY’ is that sell it without making any repairs and find a cash buyer. You must be wondering, ‘’won’t I have to sell below the market value?’ Well before you jump to any wrong conclusions, you should consider the actual price of selling a home in the traditional way. You will pay thousands of dollars to a real estate agent and spend a huge amount of money on repairs and renovations and marketing the property. Despite all this your home will stay on the market for close to three months. By pricing your home competitively, you will actually save money and be able to create a buzz without spending a dollar on marketing.


your home anywhere within Westchester. If you have a home that you need to sell or if you know of a property in your neighborhood that you think needs renovation, please call us to discuss your options! We are a solutions company and are available to help! (914) 999-2293

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