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A private money loan is a loan that is given to a real estate investor, secured by real estate. Private money investors are given a first or second mortgage lien position that secures their legal interest in the property and secures their investment. Essentially, private money lending is your opportunity to become the bank, reaping the profits just like a bank would. It’s a great way to generate cash flow and produce a predictable income stream – while provide excellent security and safety for your principle investment.


We protect our lenders

Each property we acquire is put through a rigorous evaluation process in order to assess the profitability before the property is ever purchased. You are also provided these documents to secure your investment capital:

  • Promissory Note: This is your collateral for your investment capital, recorded with our attorney to legally secure your investment loan with our company against the real property

  • Insurance Policy: You’ll be added to the policy for protection of your investment in case something happens with the property


We do pay for a title search as well as a title policy on the home just as we would in a typical transaction

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