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When we work directly with a property owner, what we provide can not only make for a smooth transaction, but it can also add up to thousands of dollars in savings as compared to selling a home through traditional means. With the ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, we can create extremely fast and hassle-free transactions.

There are many creative ways to help property owners out of any situation. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working one-on-one with each property owner to handle each individual situation. It’s our goal to make each property owner feel like we achieved a WIN-WIN scenario.

Most property owners do not know what options are available to them beyond listing a house with a realtor or trying to sell the house on their own. Where we come in is that we provide a unique alternative when selling your property. The benefit in working with us is not only we give all cash for your property, but we can buy it in its current condition, around your timeline and with no additional fees. Because we are not reliant on bank financing, we can really tailor the sale of your property to meet your needs and in a way that works best for you.

How we differ that traditional sales

If you are looking for a fast and effortless sale, than the traditional means of selling your property may not be the right option for you. Here are the advantages we bring: 

  1. You will not have to fix, repair or do anything to your property in order to sell

  2. You will NOT have people walking through your house at any time of the day to see/judge your home

  3. You will not need to clean, stage or make any changes to your property

  4. You will be able to close and get your cash in three weeks and not have to wait 45-60 days in hopes the buyer gets financing

  5. You will NOT have to pay a 6% realtor fee

  6. You will NOT have the stress of your home not selling after months on the market

  7. You are guaranteed a buyer (US!!)